Our Services.

EOO8 will evolve your brand for the ultimate retail experience.

Whether you’re located locally or internationally, we gather the right insights about your customers for you and allow your brand to interact with communities like never before.

Create engaging content, develop rich augmented reality experiences and find new ways to engage your audience as you immerse your brand from one community to another.

Our partners can support with marketing and PR strategies for the local market.


Rent an existing pod and immerse your brand into communities for retail engagement. Our pod has technology solutions that delight audiences and become an easy touch point to collect the right insight you need.

Rent us for market research, exclusive drops, limited editions or collections, brand awareness and campaigning


Event – if you have an event and want to plug in our pod for unique interactions and personalized experiences you can access our enquiry page here
Plug in our pod or create your own event with out service providers.

We can assist you in creating unique marketing campaigns while using the pod, orchestrate PR strategies and create technology driven touch points and experiences for your audience.

With our partners you can now Create technology driven interactions within the pod custom for your unique brand experience.


Create – creating your own pod to place into retail spaces is possible now with our sustainable 3D printing partners. Experts in computational Ai design and workflows, we can now deliver sustainable pods for retail activations or installations for your event or brand placements.


Retail – allow customers to connect with your brand like never before! use the pod as a unique point of sales in various communities. Use our smart mirror solutions, frictionless ambience, augmented or 3d tracking of products for seamless retail experiences. Continue selling in the market with EOO8’s E-commerce solution for high end brands.